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liquid paint spray equipment and supplier

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Liquid paint spray  equipment and supplier


HONGDA HDA professional electrostatic liquid paint spray gun manufacturer. HDA paint spray gun is dependable, durable, accurate, and time saving paint sprayers. Choosing the right paint spray equipment can help you to increasing your production and save your cost.

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Whether you are professional spraying operator or distributer all need it for industrial fine finishing with high spraying efficiency, fine coating, good durability and high safety.


HAD Manual electrostatic liquid paint spray gun can provide you the most incisively, vividly and cost 

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Choosing  the right liquid paint spray gun


1.       What materials and components will you be spraying?

The spraying material must be electric conduction, paint spray gun rated up to certain tip range.

HDA liquid paint spray gun support you grate spraying equipment for metals, Car: car body, auto parts, resin molding parts;
Motor: distribution box, control panel, air conditioning machine, OA machinery, household electrical appliance;
Building materials, furniture: office machinery, steel furniture, door and window frames, walls, building materials board;
Machines: building machines, machine tools, industrial machines;
Other: all metal products, gold-plated products, wooden products, etc

2.     What’s the spraying product in a week?

Not all liquid paint spraying equipment are for contractors spraying all day, H D A provide you  Laboratory spray gun for small quantities spraying and small size of spraying material.

3.     What types of surfaces you will be spraying?

Different surfaces required different material quality and paint. you may have to consider the material and desired finish in order to choose the right liquid paint spray gun.

HONGDA HDA provide you fective & Ecological Fulfills high transfer efficiency easy clean & color changing using for sample coating equipment 

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