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comments by Australia customer after using HDA manual electrostatic paint spray gun

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comments by Australia customer after using HDA manual electrostatic paint spray gun

HDA manual liquid electrostatic spray gun |

the Australia been using other hangzhou  china spray guns's supplier's manual electrostatic spray gun for last 6th months with did not meet the customer demands. it was charge not working and it is hard to make longer and biger leads and the air hose has  wire in side it, the paint use is very thick

HDA electrostatic spray gun |

after that i try to work out with our Türkiye‘ s electrostatic spray gun agent to help them, but distance so far a part form turkiye to Australia. and the customer required to by a new one who can apply the good effective spray gun and OEM  required is acceptable. then our HDA-1020 manual liquid electrostatic is totally  then required.

HDA-1020 electrostatic spray gun |

with optional nozzle

air hose Max 3000mm

paint hose Max 3000mm

standard hose 8 X 10mm

can meed your requirements as 12mm air hose

HDA electrostatic spray gun |

HDA -1020 manual electrostatic spray gun It is an electrostatic spraying machine with high spraying efficiency, fine coating, good durability and high safety. It can make the operator play the most incisively and vividly. electrostatic comes from the gun body. more close to the coating parts when you in spraying. then will be more effective then the base electrostatic spray gun.

the product specification

Max voltage DC-60KV
hydraulic pressure Max 0-0.3Mpa
standard 0.6Mpa
air pressure Max 0.05-0.4Mpa
standard 0.06Mpa
air consumption 350N1/mm
air bore screw bore PF 1/4
paint bore screw bore PF 1/4
Length 231mm
supply cable (standard) 5M/8M/30M
weight(without nozzle & cables) 490g

We HDA spray gun co.,td is Professional R&D manufacture of electrostatic spraying equipment manual & automatic electrostatic liquid spray gun,with more than 10 year electrostatic spray gun manufacturing experience. and for home appliance, car, small parts and glass bottle's coating.