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China best electrostatic spray equipment manufacture

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China best electrostatic spray equipment manufacture

Generally, the paint will gradually fall off with time and environmental factors! Currently, it is necessary to touch up the paint. The paint spray gun is a commonly used tool. Manual painting has been gradually eliminated, and the use of paint spray gun has become more and more common!

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What brand of spray guns in Surface coating industry?


SATAGmbH&Co. Kg SATA Co., Ltd. was established in Stuttgart, Germany in 1907, with a history of 100 years. As a leader in the world spraying equipment industry, SATA has been committed to research, development and production of high-quality coating equipment and related auxiliary products such as spray guns, oil-water separators, disposable gun pots, breathing masks, etc. German SATA spraying equipment has long provided the best product supporting services and solutions for China's automobile manufacturers, bus factories, automobile modification plants and automobile maintenance industries. The scheme integrates SATA's high-quality product resources, not only simplifies the painting operation process, improves the painting efficiency and quality, but also strengthens the health protection of the painting technicians, reduces the expenditure of various expenses, and strengthens the confidence of customers in supporting use. In recent years, all major automobile OEM Original factories, 4S stations and industrial customers are using SATA integrated supporting products and have been widely recognized.


Anest Iwata is a professional manufacturer of spraying machines, spraying equipment, air compressors and vacuum pumps. Since its establishment in 1926, it has been meeting the needs of global customers with its unique and advanced product production mode. In order to provide more stable products and more reassuring services to China, as well as provide various information and solutions, in 2003, a nest Iwata industrial machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established. In order to further expand the Chinese market in the future, we will take "customer first" as the basic policy and strive to become the best team.


It has been DeVilbiss's philosophy for more than 100 years to find innovative solutions to spray finishing problems. Founded in 1888 in Toledo, Ohio, Dr. Alan devells combined a light bulb, some oil pipes and an oil base to create the first atomizer for health care. Develby is now a leading supplier of industrial and automotive spray finishing equipment to repair the market.


Since 1926, Graco has become a leading provider of high-quality pumps and spraying equipment for fluid treatment in the construction, manufacturing, processing and maintenance industries. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Graco works closely with dealers around the world to provide customers with innovative products and set quality standards for spray finishing, paint recycling, lubricant, sealant and adhesive distribution, process application and contractor's electrical equipment. These first-class products are manufactured in the United States and China and are supplied to customers through distribution centers in Minnesota, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, China and Australia.


Gema Switzerland GmbH is an excellent supplier in the field of electrostatic powder spraying. There are more than 3500 sets of powder room automatic systems and more than 250000 sets of powder spray guns from Gema in the world. From simple manual spraying to fully automatic powder spraying, Swiss Gema provides personalized solutions to meet the needs of different customers in different industrial fields around the world. Since 2012, Gema has joined gurek group, which is a manufacturer of liquid transportation systems and parts.


Founded in 1946, German Wagner company is a multinational group company specializing in the development, production and sales of surface coating equipment. The group's headquarters is in mark Dorf, Borden Lake, Germany, and has factories in Germany, Switzerland and the United States. There are 19 application companies and about 300 international distributors in the world, with an annual sale of more than 400 million euros. As a leader in the powder coating and paint coating industry, Wagner group has been committed to providing customers with high-quality and efficient coating systems and solutions to meet their personalized needs. The powder and paint spraying equipment produced by the company has the characteristics of high technical content, high production efficiency and low operating cost. The products are in the world leading position in the coating field. The powder spraying system of the company has a high market share in China.


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HDA spray gun manufacturing and exporting the following products

HDA-100 Manual electrostatic spray gun

HDA-1020 Manual electrostatic spray gun (new model & internal electrostatic inside the gun) SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT

HDA-90 Auto electrostatic spray gun SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT

HDA-50 Bearing rotary bell electrostatic spray gun SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT

HDA-60 air turbine rotary bell electrostatic spray gun SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT

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and color change other valves SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT


Factory: No,55 Xinghe Road. Xiabian industrial. Chanan town. dongguan China

Contact person: Ms Croesus

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