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Spraying process of glass bottles

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Spraying process introduction

Spraying: spray a uniform layer of water-based paint coating on the surface of the product with an air gun. The sprayed product is solidified after leveling, preheating and drying, which plays a decorative and protective role on the glass bottle; The spraying of various spraying effects improves the appearance effect of the product;
glass bottle auto spraying |hdaspraygun

Attach a layer of organic paint on the surface of the glass bottle (the glass paint is added with the specified color, additives, etc.), so as to achieve the requirements of rich color on the glass packaging bottle, and can achieve various effects of products such as high gloss, matte, pearlescent, transparent, gradient, etc.

Spraying process flow:
Bottle loading → bottle wiping → flame treatment → electrostatic dust removal → spraying → preheating → curing → cooling → bottle lowering → packaging
Main production problems and solutions:
1. Impurities

Particles, fibers, paper scraps, etc. are collectively referred to as impurities. They are protrusions that affect the smoothness and glossiness of the paint film surface. The main causes of poor processing in the spraying process include the adhesion of the processing parts themselves, human carrying, mixing of goods trays, internal material loss, machine equipment wear, etc. The surface of the glass bottle workpiece itself is greasy and dirty. The temperature and humidity deviation is too large, too dry or too wet, and the disordered and disordered wind circulation in the operation area.
Solution: acid wash light bottle; Wipe with a dust-free cloth dipped in alcohol, and then wipe with a dry cloth; Blow with an air gun before loading the bottle; Ensure the normal operation of the electrostatic precipitator gun and adjust the appropriate angle position; The operating temperature of the paint shall be controlled at 22 ± 3 ℃, and the humidity shall be controlled at 65 ± 5%. If there is any abnormality, it shall be repaired; Ensure the good operation of air supply pipes and exhaust fans, keep the ground clean, and tow the floor twice per shift to avoid dust pollution; Reduce the movement of personnel in the spray room area;
2. Shrinkage cavity

Also called fish eye or white spot. The surface of the paint film starts from a central point and forms a circular depression on the surface of the coating. Its edge is mostly arched. There are two kinds of phenomena. One is like a drop of liquid on an oily substrate, which contracts into a spherical shape. Another is like diesel oil flowing around in the wet street. The glass surface is not clean, and there are oil stains, sweat stains, wax and other pollution on the surface;
HDA-60 electrostatic rotating bell spray gun | hdaspraygun
Solution: A. Pickle the light bottle; B. Thoroughly wipe with alcohol; C. Avoid touching the painted surface with bare hands and dirty gloves, and ensure that the painted surface is free of oil, water, silicone oil and other dirt.

Air turbine bell electrostatic spray gun

The combination of electrostatic effect and high speed coating centrifugal force producesbetter and mre uniform coating particles. these high voltage charged prarticles are attracted to well grounded workpieces, resulting in excellent surface quality and high coating transfer efficiency

automatic spray system | hdaspraygun

aomization centrifugal force ofturbine motor driving form air bearing turbine
Bell dimension Φ20mm, Φ30mm, Φ50mm, Φ65mm spray width 100-500mm
Max output voltage DC-20-80KV max output current 300ua
Max flow rate 500cc/min Max speed 70000rpm/min ( un-load
Max air consumption 1.0Nm3/min length 600mm reciprocation machine
Weigh 5.5kgs electrostatic controller HAD-201
Installation method Fixed, reciprocation machine ro coating robot

Roatry bell generally has three installation methods: fixed, reciprocation machine, robot, paintfrom the  center to the high speed rotating bell head, bell head is charged and 80KV high voltage transmission to the paint, when the paint touches the bell head. is charged with high voltage negativ charge, because thsescharges reple each other, when the paint leaves the bell head, paint particles it's split by the charge into smaller and nore uniform particles until the surface thnsion of the coating is balanced with the charge repulsion


Factory: No,55 Xinghe Road. Xiabian industrial. Chanan town. dongguan China

Contact person: Ms Croesus

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