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HONGDA HDA-360 Water -based electrostatic spray gun

HONGDA HDA-360 water paint electrostatic spray gun

1, the use of high-tech precision ceramic super alloy valve seat, elastic self tight light pad, durable.
2, reduce costs and achieve maximum reductions in costs.
3, the structure is reasonable, light and flexible, easy to use, with high coating efficiency, can reduce the waste of paint, providing mass production.
4, coating a wide range of adaptation, not only for water-based coatings, metal silver paint, fluorocarbon paint, non powder paint, water-based paint can get very good electrostatic adsorption effect.

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HONGDA SPRAY HDA-360 Water -based electrostatic spray paint coating gun , electorstatic spray gun,manual electrostatic spray gun, electrostatic spray painting manual machine

Improve production efficiency, reduce coating cost and reduce emissions;
1, water as a solvent, save a lot of resources;
2. The water solvent can be directly applied to the wet surface and humid environment. It has good adaptability to the material surface and strong adhesion of the coating;
3, painting tools can be washed with water, greatly reducing the consumption of cleaning agents;
4, coating evenly, have very good protection;
5, the construction is simple and convenient, not easy to appear bubbles, particles and so on, the film feels smooth and delicate;
6, water-based coating environmental protection, excluding benzene and other harmful solvents, free of free TDI, harmless to the human body, is the real green spray gun;

HONGDA SPRAY HDA-360 water based electrostatic spray paint coating gun

Standard parts:
HDA-100 water-based electrostatic gun
HDA electrostatic spray gun high atomization nozzle
HDA-180 water-specific generator
Water-based paint isolation pump unit
This constitutes a set of liquid water-based electrostatic painting equipment, customers only need to prepare the paint, you can start the spraying operation, is a set of low-cost, high efficiency electrostatic painting equipment

HDA-360 water base electrostatic spray gun specification

       Max voltage DC-60KV
hydraulic pressure Max 0-0.3Mpa
standard 0.6Mpa
air pressure Max 0.05-0.5 Mpa
standard 0.06 Mpa
       air consumption 350 Nl/mm
       air bore screw bore PF 1/4
       paint bore screw bore PF 1/4
       Length 248 mm
      supply cable (standard) 5 M/6 M/8 M/10 M
weight(without nozzle & cables) 480 g

HDA-360 Water -based electrostatic spray gun electrostatic controller specification

Output adjustment 


high voltage switch

Air flow switch

supply voltage




application environment

temperature 0-45

 dampness 20-80


6.5kgs without holder

Features: good safety, durability, good static effect
1 、 efficient double pressure curve setting, output DC high voltage continues to stabilize, through the fine atomization of coating particles in the electrostatic force under the influence of electrostatic surround effect, improve the rate of paint, (coated with efficiency).
2, enjoy electronic switch mode, automatic power-off and discharge, start buzzer alarm, high safety.
3, according to the spraying conditions, stepless adjustment of the high voltage, suitable for all types of work and coating, convenient voltage trimming requirements.

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Factory: No,55 Xinghe Road. Xiabian industrial. Chanan town. dongguan China

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