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HDA-50 Liquid electrostatic rotary bell spray gun for robot arms

HDA-50 Liquid electrostatic rotary bell spray gun for robot arms 

The atomization effect can be simulated by the higher rotating speed of the rotary cup than that of the ordinary rotary cup, and the scintillation effect of the metal paint can be improved.

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HDA-50 Liquid electrostatic rotary bell spray gun for robot arms 

bell electrostatic spray gun |

The characteristics of the electrostatic rotary bell have the following advantages:

1, the high speed rotary bell reduces the material consumption by about 50% compared with the general electrostatic spray gun, and saves the coating.

2. The cost of paint spray treatment caused by over spraying of electrostatic spray gun is lower than that of high speed rotary bell.

3, improve labor productivity, easy to achieve automated flow shop, production efficiency increased by 1 times to 3 times than air spray;

4, as the atomization is good, the cleaning frequency of the spray room is also reduced.

5, the emission of volatile organic compounds in spray room also decreased.

6, the paint mist reduces, reduces the wind speed in the spray booth, saves the air volume, saves the electric energy and the hot and cold water consumption;

7, with the man-machine interface and reciprocating machine, the production efficiency is improved.

HDA rotary bell electrostatic spray gun |

Swirling bell  atomization air static mode:

A way of releasing paint from the center of a cone (cup) by centrifugal force to rotate the paint along the edge and then into the atmosphere. Static electricity is the same as static air. However, unlike other methods, the rim of the cup is the electrode, which is due to the conduction voltage between the cup and the gas rotating device, can complete the effect of spraying and decoration.

HDA-50 rotary bell working range:

Glass bottle  robot / reciprocating machine coating 

car, auto spear parts robot / reciprocating machine coating 

Home appliances, wood products spraying

Hardware products spraying

HDA bell auto electrostatic robot coating machine |

Hongda spray Electromechanical, 8 years focus on electrostatic spray gun manufacturers.

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