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HDA-60 air turbine electrostatic spraying system for Die cast metal car coating

HDA-60 air turbine electrostatic spraying system for Die cast metal car coating, HDA 60 high speed electrostatic rotating 

bell has outstanding performance, excellent surface quality, high paint transfer efficiency, extraordinary service life, it the current market similar products with excellent performance of the rotating bell.

Powerful and reliable, excellent performance air bearing turbine motor, spped up to 80000rpm, whether conventional paint, high solid paint or water based paint can achieve high atomization, to ensure that the system poerates under optimal conditions.

variety of cup head and spray forming cover can be selected. HDA-60 rotating bell is equipped with three kinds of bell Φ 30mm, Φ50mm, Φ65mm . the optimum combination of the bell head and spray foming cover can completely meet the quality requirements of different types of paint and different workpiece shapes.