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Wood furniture door automatic coating by HDA rotating bell

Wood spraying is the process of professionally spraying furniture to achieve an outstanding finish in paints and lacquers, and in sheen levels that flawlessly match your existing colours and live up to all your expectations.

Why should the solid wood door be painted with a layer of paint? What are the advantages of painting solid wood doors?

Why solid wood doors should be painted

Due to different regions of wood furniture, the production and material selection are also different. Commonly used are pine, fir, camphor, pumping wood, Fraxinus mandshurica and miscellaneous wood to make tables, chairs, boxes and cabinets. Although the properties of these woods have their own advantages; However, after the furniture is made, it will be exposed to the air for a long time. It is easy to be affected by the natural climate. The internal structure of the wood will shrink unevenly, especially the difference between the radial contraction and the chord contraction, resulting in shrinkage deformation and warpage deformation, which brings many inconveniences to the use of wood furniture.

In the rainy season, the decay of fungi and insects will also cause spots and insect holes on the surface of wood, and gradually spread inward, causing premature decay and destruction of wood furniture.

After the wooden furniture has been soaked in the damp in summer and then dried in spring, the internal fibers of the wood will be separated, resulting in cracks in the wood, which will greatly shorten the service life of the furniture. In addition, dust and dirt invade the fiber gap of Kimura,

It is not easy to clean and wipe, and it will also cause the surface of the furniture to become dirty quickly and affect the appearance.

After the wood furniture is finished, in order to prevent insects, decay and pollution, and ensure durable use, i.e. apply a layer of paint on the surface of the wood furniture to isolate the contact between the wood and the air, so as to protect its surface, which can not only prolong the service life of the furniture, but also greatly improve the appearance and luster of the wood furniture, and enhance the decorative effect and aesthetic feeling; It is easier to wipe and clean.

HDA-60 80000Rpm high-speed electrostatic rotating bell spray system for home wood doors furniture spraying.

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