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Glass bottle coating, glass packing bottle coating

what is 4.0 surfaces coating industry?

The era of industry 4.0 surfaces coating get new and specific tasks, but it is possible only with the development
of electrostatic spraying particulate pigments.These new modern coatings are multifunctional
and digitize the paint & ink manufacturer to other basic principles.
Liquid electrostatic Coating is a process during which a metal part is covered with high-quality,
durable finish with improved efficiencies and simplified environmental compliance. Unlike conventional
liquid paint which is delivered via an evaporating solvent, liquid paint coating is typically applied electrostatically
and then cured under heat. This coating method is common for many markets, including industrial production,

automotive and domestically used goods.

Electrostatic rotating bell | hdaspraygun

Currently there is a rise in popularity of Industry 4.0 enabled liquid paint coating systems which, in comparison to traditional
ones, add a component of remote connectivity via cellular 4G LTE. New or legacy systems can be upgraded with Industrial
Cellular Routers or Gateways to be connected to the automated control units. These devices provide secure and uninterrupted
connectivity channel between the system, the manufacturer of the system and system operators, such as production, service,
quality and/or process managers with the help of dedicated IoT Platform as a user interface.
HDA automatic spray  system is  an auto body Automobile industry, Automobile parts, new energy accessories, shells, wheels, helmets and other plastic and metal parts.

2. machinery coating: Switchboard, control panel, air conditioning machine, OA machine, household appliances, construction machine, grinding machine, production line coating.

3. building materials, furniture: office machinery, steel furniture, doors and windows spraying, materials bars, Aluminum bars spraying,

4.hardwares spraying: Luggage hardware accessories, decoration hardware, jewelry parts UV coating.

5.Glass bottle coating, glass packing bottle coating, perfume bottle coating, glass cosmetics bottle and

glass wine bottle coating painting system that provides high-performance efficiency, safety, quality coating.

automatic coating system | hdaspraygun

HDA -60 electrostatic rotating bell spray gun

Air turbine bell electrostatic spray gun

The combination of electrostatic effect and high speed coating centrifugal force producesbetter and mre uniform coating particles. these high voltage charged prarticles are attracted to well grounded workpieces, resulting in excellent surface quality and high coating transfer efficiency
aomization centrifugal force ofturbine motor driving form air bearing turbine
Bell dimension Φ20mm, Φ30mm, Φ50mm, Φ65mm spray width 100-500mm
Max output voltage DC-20-80KV max output current 300ua
Max flow rate 500cc/min Max speed 70000rpm/min ( un-load
Max air consumption 1.0Nm3/min length 600mm reciprocation machine
Weigh 5.5kgs electrostatic controller HAD-201
Installation method Fixed, reciprocation machine ro coating robot

Roatry bell generally has three installation methods: fixed, reciprocation machine, robot, paintfrom the center to the high speed rotating bell head, bell head is charged and 80KV high voltage transmission to the paint, when the paint touches the bell head. is charged with high voltage negativ charge, because thsescharges reple each other, when the paint leaves the bell head, paint particles it's split by the charge into smaller and nore uniform particles until the surface thnsion of the coating is balanced with the charge repulsion

HDA bell spray gun controler

high voltage


high voltage adjustment

15KV-80KV Unsection type

high voltage switch

Automatic & Manual

supply voltage

AC110V-240V 50/60HZ

The combination of electrostatic effect and hgh sped rotating centrifugal force producesbetter and more uniform coating particles, the high voltage charged particles are attracted  to wellground ded workpicees, resulting in excellent surface quality and high coating transfer efficiency