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Dust Free Electrostatic rotating bell for glass bottle coating

The glass bottle spraying production line is generally composed of spraying room, Spindle coating line, and oven. There is also the front water treatment for glass bottles, and the sewage discharge problem needs special attention for glass bottles. As for the spraying quality of glass bottles, it is related to water treatment, surface cleaning of workpieces, conductivity of hooks, air volume, powder spraying amount and the level of operators.

Electrostaic rotating bell |hdaspraygun

1. Pretreatment section. The pretreatment section of glass bottle spraying includes pre stripping, main stripping and surface adjustment. If it is in the north, the temperature of the main stripping part cannot be too low, and thermal insulation is required. Otherwise, the treatment effect is not ideal;

2. Preheating section. After pretreatment, it will enter the preheating section, which generally takes 8-10 minutes. When the glass bottle arrives at the liquid paint spraying chamber, it is necessary to make the sprayed workpiece have certain residual heat to increase the adhesion of paint;

3. Glass bottle soot blowing and purification section. If the process requirements of the sprayed workpiece are relatively high, this section is essential; otherwise, if there is a lot of dust adsorbed on the workpiece, there will be a lot of particles on the surface of the processed workpiece, which will reduce the quality