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Why use liquid electrostatic spray gun in explosion-proof?

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What is explosion-proof?

1. Explosion-proof, taking flameproof electrical equipment as an example, the so-called "explosion-proof" means that when the spark generated inside the electrical equipment enclosure causes the explosion of the explosive substances inside the enclosure, it cannot cause the explosion and combustion of the combustible mixture outside the equipment.


2. The reason why "explosion-proof" electrical equipment is "explosion-proof" is that they have special enclosures. This special shell has the following two characteristics: (1) It has sufficient mechanical strength. When the explosive substance inside explodes, the high temperature and high pressure generated by it will not deform and damage the shell. (2) The clearance between the mating surface of each part of the shell or the rotating part (between the shell and the shell cover) is within the specified range. When the explosive substance inside them explodes, the high temperature, high pressure gas or flame ejected from each joint surface will not cause the explosive substance outside the flameproof shell to explode.

Why do electrostatic spray guns need to be explosion-proof?

During the coating operation, the spray gun must be atomized to make it uniform whether it is powder spraying or coating. The paint mist and volatile gas in the air are flammable, so the spraying operation site is like a gasoline station, flammable and explosive.

Do you think the liquid electrostatic spray gun made in China is inferior to other European spray guns?

The speed of e-commerce development is obvious to all. Both domestic e-commerce platforms and cross-border e-commerce platforms have attracted much attention. With such a fast and convenient bridge, more people will buy Chinese products. Both the maturity of technology and the quality of Chinese products are internationally recognized, and the cost performance is very high.

For example as Hong Das automatic electrostatic rotating bell spray system.

The HDA-60 high speed automatic electrostatic rotating bell spray gun is combination of electrostatic effect and high speed coating centrifugal force produces better and more uniform coating particles. these high voltage charged particle are attracted to well grounded work-pieces, resulting in excellent surface quality and high coating transfer efficiency

Electrostatic rotating bell spray gun |


centrifugal force ofturbine motor

driving form

air bearing turbine

Bell dimension

Φ20mm, Φ30mm, Φ50mm, Φ65mm

spray width


Max output voltage


max output current


Max flow rate


Max speed

70000rpm/min ( un-load

Max air consumption



600mm reciprocation machine



electrostatic controller


Installation method

Fixed, reciprocation machine or coating robot

Electrostatic Rotating bell generally has three installation methods: fixed, reciprocation machine, robot, paint from  the center to the high speed rotating bell head, bell head is charged and 80KV high voltage transmission to the paint, when the paint touches the bell head. is charged with high voltage negative charge, because thses charges  replete each other, when the paint leaves the bell head, paint particles it's split by the charge into smaller and more uniform particles until the surface thnsion of the coating is balanced with the charge repulsion

automatic Surface spray system|


Factory: No,55 Xinghe Road. Xiabian industrial. Chanan town. dongguan China

Contact person: Ms Croesus

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