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How is the industrial enterprises going on in 2023?

Source: hongda Browse:70 The release date:2023.11.11 [ Large medium small ]

After entering 2023, the development of the international and domestic economic situations is not as optimistic as we imagine.

During this period, the National Bureau of Statistics once again released a set of surprising data. According to specific data statistics, from January to April this year, the profits of industrial enterprises nationwide decreased by about 20.6%.

After seeing this set of data, many netizens exclaimed that a serious economic crisis may erupt in China.

Since 2015, the profits of industrial enterprises nationwide have been on an upward trend, and it was not until the first half of this year that there was a significant decline.

From this, it can be seen that the domestic economic crisis is becoming increasingly severe! So what signal does this send us?

1、The profits of industrial enterprises in China have significantly decreased

According to the data previously released by the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2019, the profits of industrial enterprises in China increased by 4.1%.

In 2020, despite the impact of the COVID-19, the profits of industrial enterprises across the country still did not decline, but rose by about 7.4%.

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Under the haze of the COVID-19, our industrial enterprises' profits have not been greatly affected. However, after the country fully opened up, it was a bit surprising to suddenly encounter such a situation.

In addition to a 20.6% decrease in profits for industrial enterprises, our profit growth rate has also shown a significant decline. Overall, the current development situation of industrial enterprises in China is not optimistic.

Insiders have conducted a more detailed analysis of such data statistics, and through industry segmentation, it is not difficult to find that the profits of enterprises in industries such as ferrous metal smelting have shown a significant decline, with a decline of up to 43.2%.

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The significant decline in profits of industrial enterprises nationwide is likely due to the impact of the decline in profits of traditional manufacturing enterprises such as ferrous metal smelting. The reason why this situation occurs mainly depends on two aspects.

The first aspect is the slowdown in China's economic growth rate in 2023, which has affected the development of industrial enterprises.

The second aspect is the increase in the prices of related energy materials, which has increased the operating costs of enterprises. In such a situation, it is indeed difficult to guarantee the profit margin of the enterprise.

In response to this situation, some scholars have proposed countermeasures for industrial enterprises, believing that traditional industrial manufacturing enterprises need to complete the transformation and upgrading work as soon as possible, continuously increase their innovation capabilities, and improve their competitiveness in the market.

The market demand is unpredictable, and if enterprises cannot grow with the trend, their long-term development will also be greatly affected.

In addition, relevant departments also need to fully improve the business environment and provide more development assistance to industrial enterprises based on the existing actual situation.

After the institutional and policy environments have significantly improved, the development of traditional industrial enterprises will also receive greater assistance, and their profit margins will also have a significant rebound.

2、The impact of the decline in profits of industrial enterprises in China

Insiders say that the significant decline in profits of industrial enterprises across the country is like a wake-up call to us.

At present, we are facing difficulties in the growth of the industrial economy, so we need to make greater efforts to assist in the high-quality development of the industrial economy.

For the vast majority of countries in the world, 2023 is a new beginning, and it is also the same for us. This year, we finally ended the risk control policy under the COVID-19, and the development of the market economy ushered in unprecedented freedom.

But the reality is not as optimistic as we imagine, and China's economic growth still faces significant difficulties and challenges.

The significant decline in profits of industrial enterprises in China has attracted widespread attention from various departments. We urgently need to make corresponding changes to reduce operating costs, improve the profit space of industrial enterprises, and quickly restore to the right track of development.

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In this process, relevant departments of the enterprise need to make corresponding efforts.

In order to better participate in the global economic wave, domestic industrial enterprises need to continuously improve the global industrial chain, further enhance their competitiveness in the global market and enhance their sustainable development capabilities through this approach.

Especially in the current 21st century, traditional industrial enterprises still need to continuously increase their innovation capabilities, utilize technology to improve their overall strength, and form their unique development advantages.

From an objective perspective, the development environment of domestic industrial enterprises still needs to be improved accordingly. But I believe that with the strong support of relevant departments, the aforementioned decline in profits will soon be correspondingly improved.

The current development of the international financial market is unpredictable, and all major entities are facing more challenges in the process of development.

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